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            Technology Center
            Technology Center

            R&D Team

            Strong and wise Technical R&D team

            Through years developing, Sinyiml has brought up a strong and wise Technical R&D team, specialized in animal nutrition, feed technology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry. Sinyiml also widely establishes cooperation with many universities and organic chemistry institutes to develop more and better effective, safe and economic products.

            Research Team
            Research Team

            R&D Achievement

            Remarkable Achievements

            Excellent carriers Rice Husk’s R&D and largely production

            Excellent carriers Maifan Stone’s R&D and largely production

            Pure organic trace mineral’s R&D

            Organic Trace Mineral’s identification and quality control

            Daidzein’s synthesis R&D and largely production

            Compound crystalline and slow-release K,S, Mg’s R&D and largely production

            Water soluble chromium picolinate’s R&D

            Use picoline as raw materials to cut the cost of Chromium Picolinate

            China New Feed Additives L-selenomethionine’s R&D and largely production

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            Academic Exchange

            Sichuan Sinyiml Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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