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        • Dongguan Green Paper Industrial Co,.Ltd

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        src=/images/gsjj_bj.jpg       Founded in 2008,Green Paper Industrial Co,。Ltd specializing in the household tissue paper and Commercial tissue paper’s designing, producing and trading .  Located in Wangjiang District, Dongguan city ,where is the largest production base of tissue paper .We are benefiting from the well built transportation network of Pearl River Delta area. It will only take 1 hour from our factory to the Yantian port ,Shekou port in Shenzhen and the Huangpu port ,Nasha Port in Guangzhou, which facilitate our goods exportation.

               With over 150 high qualified staff , 13,700 square meter plant area and 30 units of high tec tissue paper machines . Green Paper manufacture and supply a range of conventional tissue paper products such as toilet tissue, facial tissue, paper napkins and paper hand towels etc
        Our Products are strictly in accordance with national standards and tissue paper industry standards, Which can guarantee the  health, hygiene and environmental friendly for all products .Our oversea market include: USA,EU Zone, South-East Asia, Australia and Middle East…..

               With the ever growing of production capacity and oversea market share, under the business philosophy of” conducting business in honest and sincerity, seeking to reach the peak”. We Took the advantage of China’s economic prosperity and entered into the domestic commercial tissue paper market in 2009 with premium products. We cherished our brand’s forming and nursing from the very beginning, our 2 brands-“Greenisland”, ”Elegant” Perform well in the commercial tissue paper  market with well-formed operating business system and mature marketing network.

               Our Company always attach the importance of enterprise development and social responsibility. We try every efforts to meet our mission of people- oriented, caring nature, energy saving and maintaining a green earth. We will work together with the whole society and devote ourseft to the idea of not only caring the development of the enterprise but also viewing to protect the environment, thus reaching the goal of sustainable management and harmony between human and nature.

        • Under the brand name:
        E-mail:sales@papergreen.net     ICP:粵ICP備11080686號-1
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