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        • Dongguan Green Paper Industrial Co,.Ltd

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        Wansheng Company Profile
              The company is located in the County of Jiangxi Province, Yichun City Ring Road No. 438, a beautiful environment, adjacent to Jinjiang River, surrounded by forested, pleasant climate all year round, and the ecological environment integration of advanced enterprise; The company was founded in 1965 year, state-owned enterprises. 1996 transformation from Wansheng Paper, million and Paper, Paper takeoff faithful Wansheng Paper Paper Co. to build a new joint, is a private-owned private enterprises, with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons, the company "stable product quality, the pursuit of customer first "philosophy, to build a modern paper industry leader, the company will build a million County pillar enterprises.

              Companies from 10 independent production line, the full realization of the production of a single product, to ensure regular supply of the product. On the environment, the company building a separate sewage treatment center, put a shallow flotation machine, SBR biological treatment tank, PH value, COD online testing equipment, to ensure that environmental pollution, and is committed to improving the white water recycling, reduce the effectiveness of the work of emission rates;

              Our main products are clean paper, fireworks paper, kraft paper, printing paper, writing paper, including paper towels Wansheng Paper produced products are exported to the United States, Malaysia and other places, is holding advanced production technology and strong technical team, product quality, reached the advanced level counterparts, and the majority of customers get Mead;
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