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        • Dongguan Green Paper Industrial Co,.Ltd

          Tel: 86-769-28056199 


          mail: paulwong@winstarr.cn

        • XP table top napkin 
        • Number: ONE NAP 
          Specification: NP001 
          Country of Origin:  
          Price: ¥  
          Member price: ¥  
        •   Product Description
        • Specifications

          1.one nap,
          3.1/2 fold, 1ply ,
          4.customized embossing.
          5.Hugienic napkins.


          Super strong water absorbing ability, dropping no paper scrapes, soft,

          enviroment protectio hygience, biodegradable, disoable. renewable.rich in natural paper resource

          Supply OEM Services


          3. Company Introduct

          We are the manufacture company; supply the good quality and low price products. We also supply the virgin, recycle lunch napkin, beverage napkin,cocktail napkin, tall fold napkin, jumbo roll tissue, toilet roll tissue and towels.

        •   Relevant information

        • Under the brand name:
        E-mail:sales@papergreen.net     ICP:粵ICP備11080686號-1
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