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        • Dongguan Green Paper Industrial Co,.Ltd

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        • beverage napkin 
        • Number: BN 
          Specification: BN001 
          Country of Origin:  
          Price: ¥  
          Member price: ¥  
          Description: napkin p…
        •   Product Description
        • Specifications

          White beverage napkin
          25 x 16cm x 1ply
          160pcs per pack
          40packs per carton
          1800cartons per 40ft HQ

          Comparing other suppliers, our unique compressed packaging makes 20-30% loading quantity more.


          White beverage napkin size available at:

          25 x 25cm

          25 x 18cm

          25 x 16cm etc.


          Napkin folded:



          Napkin embossing:

          Edge embossing  or full emboss emobssing


          Ppaer napkin ply:

          1ply, 2ply 3ply etc.


          Napkin weight:



          Paper napkin printing:

          1-2 color fine printing


          Napkin material: Virgin, Mixed, Recycle pulp


          Chlorine free during production

          Printing Ink passed SGS test. Food contact available


          Strong absorbtion and tensile strength


          White White White White White


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